Young Talent at Big Steve’s!

Check out this talented young lady who came into the store and played for us on her Ukulele! You can check out some more of her music at


Also, did you know these ukulele facts?

• The ukulele is a small instrument that is really popular with Hawaiian music. It was derived from two Portuguese instruments: the braguinha and cavaquino.

• The first one was made in 1879.

• Ukulele actually means ‘jumping flea’ in Hawaiian but it’s never called that. It’s usually referred to by it’s nickname: the uke.

• There are four sizes of the ukulele, the standard is the suprano which is about 60cm. The other sizes are concert, tenor, and bariton.

• George Harrison of the Beatles was a big fan of the ukulele. At the end of “Free as a Bird,” he plays the ukulele in the style of Formby.

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