Dipping Services Pricelist

All prices include your choice of matte or gloss clear coat. For candy colors, add 20%.

All prices are quotes for your parts ready to be primed. Cleaning and media blasting are subject to additional charges.

Please note: All guns and bows need to be fully disassembled. We do not assemble bows.


Shotguns Price
Complete shotgun (stock receiver, barrel and magazine cap) $193.24-224.69
Complete Over and Under or Double Barrel $211.25
Stock only $109.63
Forearm only $77.48
Barrel only vented (single) $116.06
Double Barrel only $90.34
Receiver only $64.61
Thumb hole stock $109.63
Magazine tube extension $38.89
Trigger Guard $26.03
Collapsible stock only $77.48
Magazine tubes on pump guns (Some guns have tight clearances; the pump

forearm slides on it so it can cause paint wear)



Rifles Price
Complete rifle (stock, barrel, and receiver) $200.96
Stock only $103.20-109.63
Barrel only $83.91
Scope rings $19.59
Trigger guard $109.63
Receiver only $77.48


AR Style Rifles Price
Complete AR-15 syle rifle $288.42
Two Piece upper receiver $116.06
Upper receiver only $51.75
Lower receiver only $51.75
Pistol grip only $19.59
Vertical fore grip only $19.59
Standard stock only $64.61
Collapsible stock only $77.48
Standard hand guard only $64.61
Rail system hand guard only $77.48
Rail covers only (2 per set) $13.16
Barrel only $64.61
Iron sight only (each sight) $13.16
Magazine $19.59


Handguns Price
Complete semi-automatic pistol $161.08
Complete revolver $185.52
Revolver cylinder $51.75
Pistol Grip $38.89
Semi-Auto Slide $64.61
Semi-Auto Frame $77.48


Bows Price
Complete bow (includes risers, limbs, and limb pockets) $180.38
Risers only $83.91
Cams and wheels $38.89
Quiver $51.75
Limb pockets $38.89
Stabilizers $26.03
Sights $38.89
String Suppressors $26.03


Paintball Guns Price
Complete paintball gun with hopper and tank (proto style or similar) $211.25
Stock only $77.48
Air tank $64.61
Barrel $64.61
Hopper $83.91
Facemask $83.91


Boat Equipment Price
Small bezels fish finder (starting price) $58.18
Large bezels fish finders (starting price) $71.04
Bow bass technology plate $64.61
Tall seat pedestal $64.61
Short pedestal $58.18
Dash panels request quote
Bow panel request quote
Other parts request quote


European Mount Skulls (All skulls must be cleaned before bringing in for graphics) Price
Deer $90.34
Predator $77.48-128.93
Hogs $154.65
Small to Medium Bear $141.79
Large Bear (starting price) $154.65


Automotive Price
Pair of valve covers $161.08
Auto & truck dash interior kits (starting price) $185.52
Fender flares, set of 4 $288.42
Engine Covers (depending on size and pattern) $195.81
Bug shield (starting price) $116.06
Autogrill (starting price) $77.48-154.65
Vent visor, front, per pair $103.20
Vent visor, rear, per pair $77.48
Door handles, set of 2 $45.32
NOS bottles $185.52
Steering wheel (starting price) $7.48-154.65
Air cleaner $96.77
Wheels, 14″ (each) +$100 if not sand blasted, ready to paint $161.08
Wheels, 15″ (each) +$100 if not sand blasted, ready to paint $167.51
Wheels, 16″ (each) +$100 if not sand blasted, ready to paint $180.38
Wheels, 17″ (each) +$100 if not sand blasted, ready to paint $185.52
Wheels, 18″ (each) +$100 if not sand blasted, ready to paint $195.81
Wheels, 19″ and above (each) +$100 if not sand blasted, ready to paint request quote


Motorcycle Price
Complete motorcycle (includes tank, front and back fender, and side cover) – starting price only, quote required $597.12
Tanks only $391.32
Front fender only $116.06
Rear fender only $135.36
Side cover only $71.04
Handlebars $109.63


Miscellaneous Price
Mailbox (starting price) $58.18-128.93
Ceiling fan blades (each) – at own risk, made of particle board $26.03
Pictures frames, starting price $32.46
Toilet seat cover (new only) $45.32
Electrical face plate cover $6.73
Full face helmet $96.77
Open face helmet $96.77
Bicycle helmet $64.61
Baseball, football, & work hard hats $96.77
Welding helmet $96.77
Game calls (call for quantity pricing) $32.46
Game Camera $51.75
20-32 oz Stainless cups $45.32